• 1. How To Use African Herbal Oil

    Step by StepUsing Method Of African Herbal Oil

    1. Wash your organ with water
    2. Clean with soft cloth
    3. Apply 5-6 drops on starting point
    4. Massage softly from starting point to cap with finger
    5. Massage until oil Absorb in skin
    6. Leave it for 4 hours for effective result
    7. Last Step wash with warm water 

  • 2. Side Effects Of African Herbal Oil

    Is There any side effects of African Herbal Oil

    African Herbal Oil made with 100% pure herbs & not contain any type of  chemical. So there is no side effects of this oil

  • 3. What African Herbal Oil does?

    Penis Massage, promote blood circulation, increase the rent growth, improve frigidity and prolong sex time, massage excretory organ, excretory organ meridians, consolidate and enhance energy, maintenance of spinal decompression result, purification of the soul.

  • 4. How Much Size Can Be Increased with African Herbal Oil?

    African Herbal Oil Increases Blood Circulation in Penis Vains And Increases erection and then boost stamina and maximize penis size in only 3 months. Increase penis size upto 3 inches with African herbal oil within 3 months.

  • 5. Where to buy Original African Herbal Oil In Pakistan?

    africanherbaloil.pk is official site of African Herbal Oil in Pakistan you can order online on this site

  • 6. Price Of African Herbal Oil In Pakistan?

    African herbal oil available in 3 packages

    1. 1 Month Course: 2499/Rs
    2. 2 Month Course: 4499/Rs
    3. 3 Month Course: 5499/RS